Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celina Jaitley:I will be a Virgin Till Marriage

While Neetu Chandra does not want to be a virgin, Celina Jaitley thinks that she will be a virgin till marriage. God knows why these actresses are raking up virginity issues. Anyway, we must admit that Celina Jaitley has one sexy quality: HONESTY.
At a recently held promotional event for her new movie, Accident On Hill Road on TV channel Zoom.Celina gave some of the honest replies you have ever heard from a woman. When asked how sexuality.
In Indian cinema and in our society has undergone a change, she replied, “I feel sex never changes.Sex is the same, like it was ten years ago, (or) during the Kamasutra days. Even now it’s the same.What has changed is that people want to be politically correct or diplomatic while talking on this subject today.”
Later, while facing the obvious question on female virginity, Celina gave a no-holds-barred reply, “Human beings are hypocritical! We all are. Myself included. I am going to call myself a virgin till I get married. As simple as that. Yes, I am hypocritical and every actress who comes here will say the same. So you got to take my word for it.” Okay, we are flattered

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