Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prachi Desai gambling at casinos in Oz

Prachi Desai gambling at casinos in OzPrachi Desai took her first-ever trip to Australia two weeks ago.

Though she was there for an event in Sydney, she made the most of it by meeting her sister Esha, who studies in Melbourne and catching up with her best friend Manpi, who lives in Perth.

The actress had planned to be there on her birthday this year, but couldn't due to work commitments.

Overdue holiday

Prachi admits that she stayed on for pleasure, although she was there for work, "This time I worked it around so I had some free time and could spend it with my sister and my best friend, who flew to Melbourne to meet me.

It was a long-overdue holiday. Even after Once Upon A Time In Mumbai released, I didn't have a week off to holiday."

She gushes about the local transit system, "It was so much fun going around in the trams and trains in a group. Everything here shuts down around 6 pm, except places like casinos and pubs.

I am not great at gambling so I asked our friends to play with my money, and we won a bit."

Desai says she's awestruck by the Eureka Sky Deck experience, "It's a place from where you can see all of Melbourne... it is breathtakingly beautiful.

You get into this glass box like an elevator. It slides out and you are almost suspended mid-air and can see the entire city on all four sides.

I really wish I could study there too... I miss growing up with friends, " she trails off.

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